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Ar Charlotte‘s 30th

My first upload from my smart phone.

2014 So Far

This article is specially for Marianne and Richard. It‘s an update on what we‘ve been up to since we visited them in Queensland in 2013.
It links in with a dongle of 3D photos for playing in their TV.
January to September 2014 in 3D 

New Zealand

In 2001 our eldest daughter Marianne emigrated to New Zealand 10 to follow her career as Occupational Therapist.

It's a really beautiful country, and like England there's a wide variety of landscapes packed into a relatively small country.

We took the opportunity to do a fair bit of exploring during our visits, and we offer you a virtual mini-tour of New Zealand.


In 2011 Marianne moved on to Australia, and is now living close to Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

Not being keen surfers, we didn't immediately rush over for the sporty holiday of a lifetime.
However, in addition to spending time with Marianne, Queensland offers many other attractions, and we visited from late October to early December 2013. soon. visit the log of our visit to Queensland. 

Ray and Mary are both committed Christians, worshipping at Station Hill Baptist Church, Chippenham.

For many years Ray has been endeavouring to see the Christian message presented to Chippenham without using jargon, long words, or lots and lots of words - i.e. to average people. One of his attempts is a website called Byval  - Because You are Valued.

One of Rays hobbies is 3D photography.

Before retiring, Ray worked in IT. Many years ago he developed a way for simple (ordinary) folk to create and maintain their web site, and called it WebSmart. This web site uses Websmart. It's not very sophisticated by today's standards, but if you want to try it, Ray would be pleased to help you for free, and for his own satisfaction in fiddling with technical stuff. 

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