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Retail Therapy

Unlike England, the Gold Coast has no out-of-town single-owner supermarkets (such as Sainsburys Morrisons) with their own free car parks, and competing with traditional high streets which are dying due to having very expensive car parking.

Instead,as towns grow to a certain size, town planners and business interests get together to plan new traffic-free, all-purpose town centres.
These incorporate lots of free car parking, supermarkets, and every other kind of shopping, leisure and cultural facility.
Along with the redevelopment the original name of the locality is often replaced with a racy new 'concept' name.

Monday 28 October - Pacific Fair

Thursday 31 October - Harbour Town

We visited Harbour Town shopping mall because we were looking for a shop that sold maps. It had to be a specialist shop because garages and newsagents don't sell maps.

Harbour Town in neither a harbour not a town - it's just a shopping mall near a place called Biggera Waters (no wonder they chose a designer name!) with all the usual things one might expect. It's quite big, so as you enter you pick up a little directory showing you a map, and a giving a listings by category. It's all very well done, and includes a large cinema complex, but nothing there justifies a photo to remember it by.

Saturday 9 November - Robina City

Robina City is the newest and most impressive shopping mall.
For many years it had the beautiful lake you see here, but the mall itself was dated and run-down.

Town planners, traders and designers pulled out all the stops to achieve a complete rebuild, producing an 'ultimate experience' shopping mall to outstrip all others. The photo above illustrates the magnificent 'first impression' as you take the escalator down from the integrated parking area into the heart of the mall. The photo below shows the extensive eating area at the heart of the mall.

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